Women in Between [teasers]

The Shelter

Have you ever asked yourself what is a shelter for you? By definition a shelter is a structure that provides protection from danger, but for some women a shelter is the bonding between them that makes them feel protected!

Where are you from?

Who haven’t been asked at least once in their life “Where are you from?”. But for some the answer opens questions for a broader discussion.


Send a postcard to end Violence Against Women

“Send a postcard to end violence against women” a campaign by maboula collective
facebooktwitter-iconOn social media   share the postcards, tag people on them be part of the debate on ‪#‎womeninbetween‬ on how to end ‪#‎ViolenceAgainstWomen‬ or reblog to spread the word. For the next 7 days we will upload a new one everyday. As we are only a week away from 25th of November – International day for the elimination of violence against women- we launch this campaign in order to invite everyone to reflect on violence and participate in the debate on how to end it. When we speak about violence against women we relate it mostly to physical, sexual violence, but violence has a lot more masks. It can also be psychological or in form of sexual and cyber harassment to name a few. We need to unveil all of those masks if we want to defeat it. The questions posed in the postcards have been isolated from the questionnaire of the FRA-EUROPE survey on violence against women that was contacted in 2014 and the results are alarming. We are aware that those questions may not stand alone as violent cases or draw results from the answers but we believe that they can set the base for a broader reflection and discussion on how violence is present in our everyday life in more ways than anyone could imagine.
Send a #womeninbetween postcard – Be part of the fight to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen

Interview with the Manara Center, El Kef, Tunisia

Interview with Karima Brini, president of the Association Femme et Citoyenneté el Kef in Tunisia. A group of women and men, independent and volunteer, run the association. Their work focuses on the fight against marginalization of women, discrimination and physical and psychological abuse they may suffer.

Interview with Rayhana center in Jendouba, Tunisia

Interview with Nacyb Allouchi and Sawssen Gharbi, president and general secretary of the association. Rayhana is an association of women in the province of Tunisia Jendouba. Women of the region run the association which consist of a cultural place, a restaurant and a shelter for women.

Women in Between crowdfunding campaign

Women in Between crowdfunding campaign

From  9th Nov to 19th Dec 2015 Maboula Collective launch a crowdfunding campaign on Zoomaal for the production of the web documentary [Women in Between]. The success of this campaign will permit us enter in the production phase and create the  Prototype platform of the documentary. We will cover production costs such as: translation, travel, web design and web hosting costs of the prototype platform and the audiovisual chapter of Women in Between in Tunisia. The Tunisian chapter will be shot in three rural areas: El Kef, Jendouba North Tunisia and Kasserine west-central Tunisia close to Jbel Ch3mbi (Chaambi’s mountain). The content will present the woman’s conditions in rural areas related to: facilitate access to gynecologic clinics to prevent pregnancies, abortion, and medical treatment for women  (Kasserine). Single mothers in rural areas. Domestic violence. Stories of women empowerment. Support and Share if you want to join us on this journey!


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