Women in Between crowdfunding campaign

Women in Between crowdfunding campaign

From  9th Nov to 19th Dec 2015 Maboula Collective launch a crowdfunding campaign on Zoomaal for the production of the web documentary [Women in Between]. The success of this campaign will permit us enter in the production phase and create the  Prototype platform of the documentary. We will cover production costs such as: translation, travel, web design and web hosting costs of the prototype platform and the audiovisual chapter of Women in Between in Tunisia. The Tunisian chapter will be shot in three rural areas: El Kef, Jendouba North Tunisia and Kasserine west-central Tunisia close to Jbel Ch3mbi (Chaambi’s mountain). The content will present the woman’s conditions in rural areas related to: facilitate access to gynecologic clinics to prevent pregnancies, abortion, and medical treatment for women  (Kasserine). Single mothers in rural areas. Domestic violence. Stories of women empowerment. Support and Share if you want to join us on this journey!


click here to see the campaign


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